Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Favourites | Nail Polishes

Autumn is coming, and this fact makes me sad. The first days of summer was incredible, in a positive way, then my immune system broke down a bit that resulted in a ridiculous skin problem. Now I can't go outside because it looks disgusting, and I should avoid being sweaty. I can't take my favourite bubble baths and hot showers, only two-three minute long showers with luke-warm water, as the spots on my body get irritated. I can't use fragranced shower gels, soaps, or body lotions either, only non-fragranced products.
So, since I spend the majority of my time indoors, I have lots of spare time that I spend with watching Youtube videos. And this is where the idea of this post came from. It's a tag on the video sharing site, the summer favourites.

I only write about nail polishes in this post, because I purchased a fair few ones this past weeks, and I enjoyed wearing them.
This summer I chose intense colours, as I wear basic clothes mostly, for example, a pair of shorts with a plain tank top, and a pair of loafers. I am not a huge jewellery fan either, so I try to make my outfits a bit more interesting by using violent colours on my nails.

Favourite summer nail polishes:

I used this colour a lot in late spring, early summer and as you can see it's almost empty now. It's a beautiful shade of coral, a mixture of orange and pink. I wore this almost every day, and used it for water marbling as well. It's a mini bottle, and the price was reasonable, tho' I don't remember how much was this. The only disadvantage is that it chips very quickly.

 If you live in the East or Middle East Europe it's easy for you to find these brands. In Hungary the CATRICE ones can be purchased in every Rossmann, and the ADEN one in different stores where they are sold at very low prices, or at underpasses.
I really wanted an orange nail varnish but firstly I wasn't brave enough to wear a neon one, so I chose a darker one, but everyone said it was red. When I bought the darker orange, I also picked up the blue one and I'm still in love with that colour. It's simply beautiful. They don't chip very quickly, especially if you wear a base coat underneath the first coat. Plus, it's got a huge brush so it's very easy to work with.
The neon orange is the another one I really love. It's also long lasting, but sometimes, I found it difficult to work with, because the polish has a tiny, round shaped brush.

 Similar ones to the blue nail polish that you can purchase:
 Topshop | Awol
 ASOS | Nails Inc. Jubilee Crystal cap
 ASOS | Nails Inc. SS12
 Models Own | Dream Stream - Kaleidoscope

Neon orange:
Models Own | Beach Party - Hed Kandi
Models Own | Neon Brights

My favourite nail polish:

      Manhattan colour meets fashion nail polish

I don't know how to describe this colour but it's beautiful, maybe a shade of brown and beige, it has teeny tiny golden glitters in it and gives a beautiful shine to your nails. Perfect for autumn.

The worst nail varnish I've ever tried:

      Oriflame Pearly Beige

The joy of ordering beauty products. In the catalogue it looked like a gorgeous champagne colour (that I've been obsessed with recently). My jaw dropped when I saw it for the first time. It looks nothing like the one in the catalogue. It's a very light pink colour with golden shimmers in it. Like I said, it doesn't even similar to the one that I'd expected, and it would not be a problem BUT it's useless. Literally. The brush is tiny and it leaves the nail streaky even if you use a good amount of polish. Don't buy it.

What are your (summer) favourite nail polishes? What's the worst you've ever used?



  1. pretty colours!:) my favorite summer nail polish colour is maybe pink or brown(:
    if you want you can visit in my blog too http://skinnylove0.blogspot.fi/

    1. Thank you!
      Brown? Intresting choice for summer, I'd rather use it for autumn :)

    2. yes me too, but i had brown shorts so brown nails looked good with them:):)

  2. You have a nice blog!
    Offered to become mutual drive :)

  3. I heard so much about Catrice nail varnishes, but unfortunately we haven't got it here :(