Monday, 4 February 2013

Shine So Bright

Lush Shine So Bright hair balm £ 4.50/10g

I purchased this hair balm in December when lots of products were on sale at Lush. Though, this wasn't a Christmas product, I could buy it because it was made before October.

My hair is awfully damaged. I have dyed, blow-dried, straightened my hair for years without using any heat protectant products. I wasn't into taking care of my hair at all, I just wanted it to be straight and coloured, I didn't even know that these kind of things had been invented...

I haven't dyed my hair for more than a year now, but the ends of it are still damaged. It's dry and breaks very easily and I always had to cut it a little bit. But since I wanted to grow my hair, cutting wasn't an option anymore. This is where this product made an appearance in my life, just when I really needed it.
I went to Lush to buy the Christmas products but after the girl in the store, took a look at my hair, she suggested to get this hair balm which is for split ends.
I tried it a few times, not very much as I wash my hair only once a week, but after one use, it already made a difference. I noticed less split ends and it made my hair a little bit softer.
The consistency of the balm seems hard at first, but it melts when it's touched by your fingertips. I have thick hair and lots of it but I need to use just a little amount of the balm to cover the ends of my hair nicely.
The original price of it may seem to be a little high, but in my opinion it's worth it.

It's a very lovely product which I think I'm going to repurchase. If you have dry and damaged hair, I truly suggest you to get this balm.

Have you tried this hair balm yet? Do you like it as much as I do?



  1. my hair's kinda dry too lately coz i color it quite frequently. i haven't tried that lush balm though.

    btw, just to let you know i found your blog and i like it especially your header, its simply nice.

    new follower here. i hope you could visit me sometime:


  2. My hair is very dry at the ends because I have ombre hair, so I have been looking for a good product to help combat the split ends. After reading your post I can't wait to go and purchase this Lush shine so bright balm, it sounds like a life saver! Love your blog xoxo