Saturday, 16 June 2012

Louella fun

You may know that last night Zoe (Zoella) and Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) did Blog Tv and we had the chance to ask them our burning questions...
I spent a good two hours waiting for them, the chat room was fun, I loved how many people were there and everybody was friendly and nice.
At first, the sound was a huge crap, I couldn't hear anything but I refreshed the page, so it was all nice then.
But suddenly I found myself in the waiting room...
The chat was fun with the girls and I thought I had no chance to be in the main room again, so I just listened what they were talking about. But after about an hour I was in the main room again until the end of the show.
I still didn't have any questions to ask so I started asking them to say "hello Monika" (my name), and they DID! haha
I was laughing when Louise started singing.

Thank you Zoe and Louise for making my day :)



  1. Ah i'm jealous! i didn't get in the main room until the VERY end when everyone had gone & there was only about 200 people left in the chat room. It was fun though, hopefully they'll do more! x

  2. yeaa! it was so fun, they are so cute and nice in a real life :)
    time was not wasted for nothing :)

    1. Plus I really enjoyed talking to people from all around the world :)